This week ADOFitness trainers will be addressing their biggest weaknesses both physically and mentally and how they overcame it. Coach Joey shares her story.


I would be lying if I said I only had one weakness that affects me both physically and mentally. A few things that I seem to always have to overcome is not worrying about the scale, being happy and patient with the way my body is at the moment along with trusting the process and my coach Amber.

Now I am just like every other girl when it comes to being self conscious and thinking the scale is justifying my progress. Whether it be for competing or everyday normal life, I sometimes let it get to me. The way I overcome this is to look at my progress pictures and see it for myself. Pictures tell us so much and even though I see myself in front of a mirror, seeing a picture of myself puts it into perspective that the scale doesn’t justify anything sometimes. Having pictures to look at makes a big difference and you can see just how far that you have come. Another reason why I myself being a coach have a coach. Even if I didn’t compete I would have a coach for these reasons.

Along with the scale comes being happy and patient with my body at the moment. I will be reverse dieting soon and I know that this will be something that will be a hurdle for me to get over once I start to not see my “stage lean” look anymore. Being able to overcome this is by having a coach and support system in my corner. I am very grateful for a coach who 1. Will not let me get down on myself and make me realize I look FINE. 2. She will make sure that I reverse properly. This is one thing that needs to be done correctly to not gain unwanted weight. 3. She looks out for my health along with my mental well being. She will remind me that I do need to be “normal” and indulge in a food I want or have a glass of wine! She obviously means all within moderation. This is the key!

All of these things come with “trusting the process”. I always remind myself that I’m not always going to be in prep, competing or doing a photo shoot. This is when balance needs to set in and I need to practice what I preach to my clients. Regardless of competing or not you NEED balance AND sustainability. This is something I tell all of my clients as well. If you are consistent and trust it, it will work! I try to always give myself credit for all of the hard work I have accomplished and/or accomplishing. I realize that my health is the most important when it boils down to it and I want to make sure that I feel as good inside as I do outside 🙂

Joey M. Guz
Adofitness Coach