This week the ADO Fitness trainers will be addressing how they have handled off season/gaining weight/ body composition changes and their best tips on accepting yourself at every stage. Coach Tara shares her story.


Coming out of a show you indulge in some treats you haven’t had in months and maybe start slacking a little on your workouts…you start to notice the abs are disappearing and there’s a little extra fluff that wasn’t there a month ago… Yeah, this all to familiar cycle every competitor seems to go through post show, I experienced it too just maybe not as extreme as some. Post show for me wasn’t really that crazy as the reason I had started eating this way was for my health so I planned on continuing these habits post show. Now don’t get me wrong I had my share of post show treats, including cake, and Oreos, and lots of pumpkin everything. I was ready for some gainz but my intake was already pretty high. I actually had more of the opposite problem post show.
I’ve always had trouble gaining weight as my metabolism is really fast and my appetite is really poor from the medication I take. Post show I was slacking hitting my macros and was constantly under. Whether you are over eating or under eating you begin seeing changing that you aren’t ready or willing to see yet. “Show lean” all of a sudden becomes what you think should be “normal” and that competition brain fog becomes very frustrating. So you have to remind yourself this is all part of the process and think about how much better you are going to look after adding more size in the right places! Focus all your energy on the positives and challenge yourself. Don’t let yourself become obsessive over negative thoughts.
Use this time to kill your workouts! Set small goals in the gym that you can get excited about! Go out with friends for dinner and utilize those high carb days! You need balance in your life in order to truly be successful! Take this to your advantage ?