This week the ADOFitness trainers will be addressing our perception and relationship with food prior to implementing flexible dieting methods. Coach Jennifer shares her story…



Before flexible dieting I was on a very strict prep diet. It was very low-carb, lots of protein, and hardly any fats. At first the diet was easy because I was very dedicated to my plan. However, after a few months I soon realized that the diet was completely unsustainable. I Felt weak and I began to secretly binge almost once a week. I remember eating entire boxes of pop tarts or Oreos within minutes and completely regret my decision and then would do lots of cardio to try and “fix” what was done. It was a vicious cycle and I continued on that path because there’s only so much tuna, tilapia , asparagus and celery that a person can eat. ???

I recognized that I had a problem and I knew I couldn’t continue on this path. I reached out to Amber and told her what my current meal plan was and she was horrified. Amber started me on a new plan and introduced me to macros a.k.a. flexible dieting. Flexible dieting is a game changer and has changed the way I look at food entirely. I no longer had to eat foods that I didn’t like in order to achieve my fitness goals, I could add veggies and different types of lean meats that I loved. My binging quit and I was no longer feeling weak or unhappy with the diet I was on. Not only did I feel better, but I looked better in my next few shows then I had ever looked in my life. Some people say that you can’t get show lean with counting macros and eating what you want. I disagree because counting macros doesn’t just mean you can eat cake all day. But it does mean that you can fit treats in your plan if you want them by making sacrifices elsewhere allowing you to still stay on track! This has  helped me so much with my sanity and relationship with food!