This week the ADOFitness trainers will be addressing their perceptions and relationships with food prior to implementing flexible dieting methods. Coach Joey shares her story.


(Image by Eric Wainwright)

Before implementing flexible dieting into my daily routine I was doing what a lot of people do, I was scared to eat foods that were deemed “bad”. I would have them on a special occasion and even then almost felt guilty about it. I will admit I do love eating healthy and I feel my best when I do. But come on, who doesn’t love a good piece of carrot cake or an oatmeal raisin cookie once in awhile?! Now that I utilize IIFYM I can say I don’t feel guilty or ashamed for having something I am craving and/or want. If I am going to dinner or if their is something I truly want to eat, I will make it fit in my macros for the day and be happy about it!

Now just because I do utilize IIFYM doesn’t mean I am going to be eating junk food all day and thats it. I know that eating whole foods is in my benefit for my overall health. Another thing I learned with IIFYM is that it will sometimes keep me from having a cookie when I realize that I can have a GIANT salad with tons of yummy veggies and lean protein that will fill me up much more and make me feel better. Then I still have macros left over and I can make something that will help crave my sweet tooth versus having a cookie and then being starved with no food left for the day/night.

IIFYM isn’t for everyone but I can say that it has made a very positive impact on my relationship with food. It has taught me more about reading the labels and understanding the nutrients that I am putting into my body. I think one of the most important things about IIFYM is that it has helped me satisfy cravings and keep me from wanting to binge. I know that if I want to eat something I can have it and that to me is worth the “macro counting.”