This week the ADOFitness trainers will be addressing their perceptions and relationships with food prior to implementing flexible dieting methods. Coach Trista shares her story.


Before ever competing I never had an unhealthy relationship with food, that all changed after following such strict dieting methods for over 15 weeks.

In 2011 I prepped for my first competition on what is now called a “bro diet”. I ate the same thing day in and day out with changes few and far between. During this time, there was probably a total of 3 times where I was so mentally exhausted and fed up with dieting that I would eat one thing off plan and end up bingeing. They were huge binges too where I would make myself sick! I would then completely fast the next day with tons of cardio to compensate “my failure”. This was completely unhealthy but it was what I knew to be the only way to achieve results. I was very trusting in my trainer’s protocols. This type of dieting for shows went on for another 2.5 years, such a vicious cycle!

Fast forward to 2014 when I first started toying with the idea of counting macros. I was skeptical at first, but thought – why not try it. I quickly realized that keeping track of everything I have consumed in a day took away anxiety that often comes with individuals who have had a past with bingeing. I loved it! I found it fun to “fit” your meals into your daily allowances. I was in control and got to make my own choices with tons of variety. I noticed I began the eating habits that I had prior to ever competing. It was such a relief to feel normal again. Now more recently I have used flexible dieting for the first time in prep for a competition and there is no comparison. I don’t want to say it’s a breeze because there are still hard times when you go poverty macros lol! BUT it is much more life friendly and good for your mental health as well. I can have a bite of something and stop. I never feel guilty for deviating. Restriction is poison to a healthy mind. For those of you who have only known flexible dieting to be the only way to prep, be grateful! A lot of people have had to pull themselves out of complete mental and metabolic disasters from extreme and restrictive dieting.

Flexible dieting has changed lives and it will always be a value tool in the long run whatever your dieting goals may be! #IIFYMfortheWIN