ADO Fitness Trainer Joey shares with us some prep struggles and how to beat the “Prep Blues”.


During prep I wish I could say everything is perfect but in reality nothing is perfect. I struggle with prep just like every other girl does. I wanted to share a few struggles I have and how I deal with them.

1) Socializing with family/friends: Now this might seem silly but most people do not understand this lifestyle of competing and what it entails. The struggle with this that most people socialize by eating out and drinking alcohol. Now eating out is fine but I’m not going to be ordering anything without asking for it specially cooked/prepared. I don’t drink during prep at all and some find it extremely hard to not have a drink when going out or you get frowned upon for not having one. My way of dealing with this is to simply remember MY goals and what I’m doing this for. To me I’m not missing out by not having a glass of wine, a cocktail or meal that is going to deter my goals. I enjoy the time being spent with loved ones regardless of the food/drinks consumed.

2) Prep Blues: Ok so this one hits everyone I’m sure. You’re working your butt off and for some reason you feel blah! You think wow I don’t look that great and I could use SO MUCH more time to prep. I get this way in the beginning of every prep. I question my body a million times. I hate that I do this but I do. My one and only recommendation for this is to have a coach that you can trust 100%! I am fortunate and lucky enough to have a coach who won’t give me any bs and is completely honest with me. She is not just honest but looks out for my health as well. I love competing so much and what it entails. But having someone on your side who gets it and wants you to do well just makes it that much more rewarding when you’re in prep.

3) The Scale: Now I HATE the scale. My issue with the scale during prep is that I will sometimes look great to myself then I jump on the “scale” and I don’t like the number and now all of a sudden I don’t look good anymore. I struggle with this issue just like most women do who are competing or not. It’s definitely a mind f*** and I personally know better then to let it get to me but it does. I will say currently in this prep I’m having a HUGE struggle with the scale because it’s not budging and it can be scary. I have started to second guess myself even though I’m being 150% with EVERYTHING! My way of dealing with this is having an amazing coach and support system behind me. They all remind me that I’m working my butt off and if I’m following the plan it will work. It might take longer but it will happen.

I hope sharing this helps everyone during their times of struggling while in prep.