Meet ADOFitness coach Tara Carlton
Age: 26Weight you feel most comfortable at: 120

Height: 5’4.5″

Current macros: Not currently tracking to the gram but I make sure not to exceed 80G of protein because my kidney’s aren’t the greatest. And I aim to exceed 300G of Carbs and 80G of Fat.

IIFYM or Bro diet: Definitely IIFYM. Sustainability is always most important.??‍♀️

Favorite exercise: Any type of banded Glute exercise. I always feel so much stronger when my glutes are at their peak. Feeling strong is extremely motivating to me.

Favorite Food: Japanese or Thai food. I could eat some sort of rice or noodle bowl for every meal. Load it up with all the grilled veggies, sauces, and Sriracha and I’m all over it. One of my best friends is from China and she says I have a Chinese Tongue hahahaha.

Least Favorite Food: I’m honestly not very picky.. I go through phases with different foods based off how bad my nausea gets. But the one thing I highly dislike are grainy or mushy tomatoes. I love them when they are perfectly firm and ripe, but as soon as they get soft, no thank you.

Favorite Cheat meal: Some kinda of pastry! And if it’s a vegan pastry then that’s a bonus! Portland has AMAZING vegan treats! I LOVE sprinkle donuts.

Favorite thing about your body: That’s a funny question to ask someone who’s body is actually trying to murder them lol. But I would say my core and my glutes. These are two areas that I have been able to dial in that are extremely important for stability. The more stability you have the stronger you feel.

Least favorite thing about yourself: I am a HUGE worrier. This has been something I have been working on for years and it has improved to some degree. I always have to remind myself of the Bible verse in Matthew 6:34 “Therefor do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it’s own”.

Hidden Talent: I don’t know if I would necessarily call this a talent, but I Pole Vaulted throughout high school and College setting both school records. I’m also a 3 time All American Athlete. I pole vaulted 12 feet 1.25 inches beating my friends school record by 1/4 of an inch.

Years in the fitness industry: I played year round sports from 1st grade till I was 21 and have been a Trainer for 4 years.

Favorite thing about competing: After college sports were done I was diagnosed with Lupus which left me feeling pretty lost. I had always been known as an athlete but now what was I going to do and who was I? That’s what I loved about competing, it let me be part of something, it allowed me be an “athlete” again. It gave me the opportunity to push as hard as I wanted and to get closer to my max potential. I’m extremely competitive at heart and I love working hard in order to become better than I was yesterday. ??

Favorite thing about being an ADO coach: I love it when a client tells me “Because of YOU I didn’t give up.” I love being that person that reminds someone that they can do this, that they are worthy, that this is for them and no one else. I love helping someone find their strength when they are at their lowest low and watching them transform into a confident, strong, unstoppable woman. Sometimes the only thing missing in someone’s fitness journey is someone that is there to believe in them and encourage them. I love being that person.

I also love being part of this amazing ADOFitness family! When Amber brought me on I had no idea how much this job would effect my life in so many positive ways. We are like sisters and knowing that I have the best support system in the entire world is so comforting. It’s rare to find a group of like minded women with a common goal and I feel so blessed to have found ADOFitness