Meet ADOFitness coach Jennifer.
Age: 35Weight you feel most comfortable at: 135

Height: 5’8

Current macros: 160P/280C/65F

IIFYM or Bro diet: I’m all about balance and sustainability so IIFYM all day everyday. Plus I love to cook and Bro is the most plain diet ever …. like why ??‍♀️

Favorite exercise: I’m all about banded everything for glutes I love them all but if I had to pick my absolute favorite it would be banded hip thrusts.

Favorite Food: HUGE veggies bowls with or without meat. I love putting 10 things in a bowl and mixing it together and also Mexican! I love spicy food a lot and unfortunately my baby doesn’t like anything above. So plain Jane these days.

Least Favorite Food: tilapia ?? I had to eat it when I prepped a long time ago with a coach that only gave bro diets. I’ve never eaten anything so nasty in my life. I’d also have to say asparagus .. which was something I loved but got so burnt out on it 4 times a day for months and months ?

Favorite Cheat meal: I️ have two , Pizza but I can’t eat dairy so would need to be vegan and a burger and fries.

Favorite thing about your body: I love my shoulders and butt! I’ve worked many years trying to build my butt it was flat as a board when I started.

Least favorite thing about yourself: I over think everything.

Hidden Talent: I can sing opera

Years in the fitness industry: 6

Favorite thing about competing: I love the dedication and determination it takes to compete. You have a goal and do what it takes to make that a reality. The struggle and reward .. I love the challenge to create my best self. @tristalillian said it best … self discovery ??

Favorite thing about being an ADO coach: I LOVE helping people realize they don’t need to be extreme to have weight loss and they can make their health a priority. So many people starve themselves and do hours of cardio and I love showing them an easier way with better results. I love how grateful they are ? … There’s nothing better than helping someone love the skin their in and feeling better and more confident not just with their body but with their life. The emails make me day and I can feel their excitement though the screen… I love that! Another thing I love about being a @ado_coach is the friendships I’ve formed with the other coaches and with my clients. These women are always there for me and I’m not sure what I did before them. Their more than friends their family and make me a better person daily. I’m so grateful and blessed to have them in my life