This week the ADOFitness trainers will be addressing topics we get asked a lot of questions about. This week coach Tara discusses why keeping your sugar intake down is important for fat loss.

This is a question I get asked a lot about, especially with clients wanting to start a flexible dieting plan. They see these people on IG chowing down on donuts and ice cream, and even ice cream filled donuts! They think, “Wow, now this is a plan I could stick too!” But flexible dieting isn’t all about how many donuts you can fit into your week, and keeping track of your sugar intake is still very important to not only fat loss but your overall health in general!
Research has shown that people with a higher sugar intake are more susceptible to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, fatigue, high blood pressure, and cancer. So by eliminating a lot of processed sugars you are also lowering your risk for developing these conditions. If you are trying to keep your body in tip top shape and be the healthiest you can, eliminating more processed sugar is going to be important.
Sugar is basically an empty calorie, as Im sure you all have heard before. It has also been known to have very little effect on satiety (how full you feel from the calories you eat) which in turn can make it very difficult to keep your intake down while working towards a fat loss goal. If you are in your off season, that is another story. You have more wiggle room with your macros being higher, which will allow you to fit in treats so much easier.
If your macros are already getting low though the last thing you want to do is eat foods that won’t make you feel full and cause you to become ravenous (we’ve all been there). The best thing to do is to eat foods that are going to fill you up when your hunger is high. The best foods to chose would be low glycemic carbs, carbs that are packed full of fiber and will help keep you from feeling energy deprived.
Sugar intake is all about balance. Having some sugar is definitely not going to kill you, but to much of anything can have negative affects. So try and keep in mind what your goal is and plan your day accordingly.