This week the ADOFitness trainers will be addressing some of the most common things we get asked about. Coach Tara explains why macro calculators aren’t a great resource and why having specific macros for the individual is crucial.

It is so common for people to tell me they are following their macros perfectly but they just aren’t getting any results. They figured set these macros by using an online calculator and no matter how hard they try nothing is happening. The problem with online calculators is that they are generic. They do not take into account how your metabolism was affected with previous diets or your current intake. These programs also do not know about your current lifestyle or your over/under eating habits.

All of these things need to be taken into account if (A) you do not want to initially gain a bunch of unwanted weight and (B) if your intentions are to increase your metabolic capabilities and overall health. Now if you have never dieted before and have a killer metabolism then one of these calculators might be a good resource for you, but if you are like most of the population this is just not the case. For majority of people, past diets play a HUGE role in where your macros should be initially set and how they should be adjusted weekly. Not only for your specific goals but also for what your body is going to respond better to in relation to carbs or fats.

For example if your intake is already extremely low you will need a proper reverse diet in order increase your overall intake to a sustainable spot before trying to “cut”. If you trying to cut from an extremely low intake the weight is just not going to come off if you are just slowing your metabolism down even more. So if you want to see the results you have been working so hard for you will have to take your health into consideration or you can seriously damage your metabolism and gain even more weight than your originally started with. Throw a ton of cardio on top of that and your body is not going to be very happy. This is why having an educated coach is so vital!

Online calculators like MFP (MyFitnessPal) for example will also assign a generic micronutrient goal for fiber keeping everyone the same no matter where your carb intake is set at. It doesn’t matter if your carbs are at 100G or 400G it will set your fiber goal at 25G. For many people this is not enough especially is you are having digestive issues and have a high carb intake. Again, this is why having a coach set your fiber goal to an appropriate spot according to your overall carbs is so important.

Now Im not trying to tell you online calculators never work, and they can be a great reference for some. But if you are struggling to see the results you want or think you could have suffered any sort of metabolic damage than having an educated coach is always going to be the best route in my personal option. Even coaches need coaches, for accountability and also a fresh set of eyes. You see yourself everyday and our views of ourselves can get clouded, so if you are serious about your goals hire a coach that will put your health first and make appropriate weekly adjustments for you! Your future self will thank you!