This week the ADOFitness trainers will be addressing new years goals and how to stick to them. Coach Trista
shares her story.

For myself, the one and only goal I have is to take any steps necessary to be healthy. As I have discussed before I have many hormone/GI issues that are still unresolved. My goal is to be proactive in making choices that are going to help me and not worsen my condition. How am I going to stick to this? I am choosing not to compete for the first part of the year to give myself a chance to work with a naturopath and possibly look into Chinese medicine as recommended by @taracarlton_fit Lol (so if you know of any good places in the Portland area please comment! ) This is going to be tough! The temptation will be there to say “oh screw it I’m gonna prep and I’ll figure this out later” as I have done in the past, but I don’t want to be 3-5 years down the road and STILL letting this get me down and affecting my everyday. I love competing, but, I have to tell my self no. I have to look a the bigger picture and realize how I live my day to day is more important. This will not be easy, but I want to have memories where I look back and remember I was happy and enjoying the moment, that’s very hard for me to do as I am always in discomfort and needing to lay down. This is my motivation to stick to my goal. For many ,it is a weight loss goal, and they may be unhappy with where they currently are- I know it takes discomfort and patience to get on the other side of your goal. Because any big change is going to be uncomfortable, but we start feeling a little better as we go. We have a taste of what getting closer to our goal feels like and it keeps us going- “oh this feels amazing- I want to feel more of this” until one day you wake up and you’re 30 lbs lighter! You get a little momentum and keep your motivation! Just like I hope to do with feeling better everyday, feeling like myself again. I think one of the biggest contributors of getting yourself to stick to your goal is knowing it will bring a liberating feeling of empowerment, knowing you can accomplish something you set your mind to that’s going to better your life. Just decide.