This week the ADOFitness trainers will be addressing three insecurities that they’ve dealt with – whether it be physical, mental or experiences we have faced. Coach Trista shares her story.


One of my most prominent insecurities I have is a scar on my forehead. I got hit in the head with a rock while I was camping about 6 years ago. I ended up getting stitches and the way it healed it is very noticeable and all I focus on when I look in the mirror. I actually feel stupid as I am writing this expressing that I am so concerned with a scar- but it’s my honest feelings and something I can’t control. For the longest time I would edit it out of my pictures any chance I got! But just recently I decided to stop doing that because everyone has something that makes them unique and REAL. Perfection is boring, vague, and un-relatable. Scars show you have lived and you have a story. It makes me feel really sad at times and wish it hadn’t happened but I take every experience as a sign and a guide for what I am supposed to learn in life. Another insecurity would be by distention of course. I have spoke about this many times but aside from the frustration it brings, there are times when I feel I have to wear loose fitting clothing to hide my stomach. In my mind – I picture someone looking at me thinking “oh that girl is so fit but she has a belly?!” 😂 it can really take a toll on my body image. I feel really grateful for @_star_fox in that he never makes me feel un pretty or undesirable from my condition, it doesn’t bother him and I can be completely comfortable (with my appearance) when my symptoms are bad. But for the others who may see this and not understand, it can look really odd. So yes, even though I spend hours in the gym, eat well, and take care of myself I STILL struggle with feeling like I have to cover myself up at times.
And lastly, the biggest one I would say is more of a personality trait that sometimes can be a weakness or insecurity of mine. I am a HIGHLY sensitive person. I am a Cancer, and my moods change from hour to hour as my day flows. I feel everything. I’m very sensitive to energies and things that go on in this world especially with animals. I can see or hear something disturbing with animals and it will affect my mood for the rest of the day. With people, I am easily drained and often need time in isolation to regain my energy and clear my thoughts. (Introvert) I am an over-thinker to the max and make things complex when they don’t need to be, I am always looking for meaning in anything. I really struggle with this but I am aware of it, so awareness enables me to stay rational. Being a soft soul creates hesitation or an insecure feeling with living in such a rigid, faced paced world, at times I wish I was more “fierce” and unaffected by things but we have to have all types to keep our world balanced 🌎


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