This week ADOFitness trainers will be addressing their biggest weaknesses both physically and mentally and how they overcame it. Coach Trista shares her story.


I have a GI disorder that has never been given a diagnosis. Basically what happens is I experience an inflammatory response to any food I put in my system. Anything. My abdomen will distend and I look pregnant most of the time. It is very uncomfortable and causes me to feel fatigued, and has a huge effect on my mood. The severity of the reaction fluctuates through the month as my hormones change.

I’ve had every test done in the book and still no answers. Obviously this is a physical ailment, however I am a firm believer in the mind-body connection and the two are very intertwined. So this issue is my biggest weakness in both areas.

When this first happened, I had a nervous breakdown and basically lost my shit, I had terrible panic attacks letting my mind take over with negative thoughts, “I’ll never be normal again” thinking…. “how did this happen to me? Why?” I definitely thought I’d never compete again, I felt robbed of not only my health but my passion for what I loved, but because we humans are so resilient, all that was needed was time and patience to learn how to cope with my condition.

I started from square one stripping my life of all the “clutter” and focused on myself and my thoughts. The mind is so powerful and I knew that’s where I would find my answers to be happy again. My attitude, and optimism were what changed everything. No, it wasn’t the end of the world just a bump in the road that made me view life differently.

When we search for meaning in an unfortunate situation we open ourselves for acceptance and we can begin to move forward in our lives just looking through a different lens, wiser, stronger, and more resilient. I have chosen to not let this condition control my life or my thoughts. Sure I have bad days when I’m at the gym and I give up on a workout due to my symptoms but it’s not my everyday. I just realize how things could always be worse and stay conscious of all the things I should be grateful for.

I competed again and will continue to compete. I am normal because everyone lives with some kind of hardship or “weakness” it builds character and compassion so I think weaknesses are disguised as opportunities for your heart and soul to mature and forces you to grow as a person.


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