So I have been a bit obsessed with French Toast Lately! I have had a lot of requests for  my macro friendly french toast recipe that I have been making so here it is! Super easy and quick, great macros, and low calorie!



What you will need: Sarah Lea 45 calorie bread of choice (I like the oatmeal bread) + liquid egg whites + cinnamon + 30 calorie vanilla almond milk.



1) pre-heat cast iron flat griddle or large pan. Spray with a tiny bit of coconut oil or non-stick of choice.

2) Mix 1/3c. liquid egg whites with 1/3c. vanilla almond milk and cinnamon to preference.

3) Dunk 2-3 slices of bread in egg mixture, flip and make sure both sides are soaked.

4) Place on griddle, medium low heat. Cook for a few minutes, then flip.

5) While bread is cooking add another 1/2c. egg whites to cook on hot surface.

6) Continue to flip french toast until cooked through, golden brown on both sides.

7) Serve with walden farms 0 calorie pancake syrup and/or fruit or peanut butter (Fruit and pb not included in macros here).

Macros for 3 slices of bread and an additional 1/2c. egg whites=250 Calories – 2G Fat, 29G carbs – 8G Fiber, 30G protein


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