This week the ADOFitness trainers will be addressing some of the most common things we get asked about. Coach Jennifer talks about healthy weight gain with pregnancy.


Pregnancy and weight gain go hand and hand, but are you really eating for two? You do need extra calories but you’re not necessary eating “for two”. According to evidence based research, from the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement: ” Routine Prenatal Care, only 300 extra calories are needed for a healthy weight gain during pregnancy.” It’s important to gain a healthy weight during pregnancy for the mother and baby. There’s common risks to the mother when you gain to much weight, according to the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement.

“1. Increased risk for gestational diabetes
2. Increased risk for hypertension
3. Greater likely hood of cesaren birth
4. Increased rate of postpartum complications
5. Anesthesia related problems
6. Increased length of hospital stay post birth

Some common risks for the fetus include:
1. Increased risk for congenital anomalies
2. Lower success rate for breastfeeding
3. Predisposition to insulin resistance and more. ”
It can also be dangerous to not gain enough weight during ones pregnancy. It can lead to complications and even an pre term delivery. Slow and steady wins the race!!

Eating whole foods is a great way to gain a healthy amount of weight. It also helps you feel full because they are nutrient dense foods. Another great way to feel full throughout the day is to consume 5-6 meals and having snacks on hand helps too! Avoid sugary drinks and high calorie snacks. Swamp them out for water, sparkling water, pretzels, fruit, yogurt and lower calorie snacks. Try baking instead of frying food and try to use fat in moderation. if you eat fast food, try and pick the best options you can. There always better choices out there.

Another very important thing during pregnancy is how much fiber you consume. Fiber consumption can help with constipation, prevent weight gain , and help you lower your blood pressure. Which can help you avoid preeclampsia. Heres a list of of the best foods to eat while pregnant and many include that high fiber.

1. Water which is not a food but is the essence of life and helps you feel full longer, helps with constipation and dehydration.

2. Oats are full of fiber and keep you feeling full! Also known to help with breast milk production.

3. Avocados are a delicious way to get vitamins and healthy fats. Full of folate , potassium, B6 and vitamin C.

4. Wild salmon is full of omega 3’s and essential fatty acids.

5. Yogurt is full of calcium and you can make so many different dishes with it! Also great replacement for sour cream!

6. Lentils are packed full of fiber, protein and folate.

7. Lean Meats contain amino acids that help build all the cells in your babies body! If you’re a vegetarian there are also many non meat ways you can fill your protein such as lentils , spinach , tofu, beans, and many more.

8. Edamame is also a great plant based source for protein and fiber!

9. Nuts which are a delicious healthy fat and packed full of minerals.

10. Carrots and Peppers are full of beta carotene which converts to Vitamin A and helps with the babies eyes.

I hope this information helped everyone realize what your body actually needs in terms of healthy weight gain during pregnancy. Always remember to feed your body and baby nutritious foods before and after pregnancy to help prevent complications and also to have a healthy growing baby


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