Raw Snickerdoodle Protein Balls ?


What you will need:
-1/4 cup Snickerdoodle Buff Bake (coupon code Amber)
-1 cup cashews (soaked in water for 30 mins)
-1/2 cup almonds -Splash of Almond milk
-1/2 cup oats
-15 pitted dates -1/2 cup shredded coconut -cinnamon
-1tsp vanilla extract

Directions: First you are going to take your soaked cashews and almonds and blend them into a doughy consistency In a food processor, adding a little almond milk if necessary then set aside in a bowl. Next you are going blend together your dates, Buff Bake, and vanilla and then add a little almond milk if necessary to make a doughy consistency. You are then going to mix everything together including the cinnamon, coconut, and oats and roll into balls! If you’re mixture is wet you can add in some protein powder to change the consistency! Then roll in some shredded coconut, let cool in the fridge and enjoy!!

For a video demonstration click the link: Video



If you like rice krispy treats you have to try these! ?

Melt in your mouth Birthday Cake Protein Rice Krispies!!


What you’re going to need for the Rice Krispies:
-1/4 cup Birthday Cake Buff Bake (coupon code Amber)
-1 scoop Royal Sport Ltd. Ice Cream Sandwich (coupon code Amber)
– 1/4 cup Organic Honey
-2 cups Rice Krispies
-2 tbs Unsweetened Almond Milk (I used unsweetened vanilla coconut almond milk)

In a bowl add your Birthday Cake Buff Bake and honey and melt in the microwave for 20 seconds and then mix until smooth. Next add your Rice Krispies and Royal Sport protein. Mix together while adding in two tablespoons of Almond milk. Finally pressed into a greased Pan and set aside until firm.

For the topping:
-1 tbs Nutella melted
-splash of almond milk

Melt together in a bowl and drizzle over the top of your Rice Krispies and Enjoy!!

For a video demonstration click this link: Video



Here is a super easy recipe for Nutella Protein Ice Cream Bites to beat those sweet tooth cravings!!


What you’ll need:
-1 scoop Royal Sport Ltd. Chocolate cupcake whey ( coupon code: Amber)
Buff Bake White Chocolate PB (coupon code: Amber)
-1/4 cup Nutella
-About 6 oz. Unsweetened Vanilla coconut almond milk
-2 frozen bananas
-Cupcake tin liners
First for the Nutella ice cream you are going to take your frozen bananas and a little almond milk and blend until smooth in a food processor. After that add your Nutella and blend until smooth, then add in your Royal Sport Ultra Clean Whey Protein and the rest of the almond milk and blend until smooth. Fill the bottom of each cupcake liner with the ice cream and put into the freezer until firm. Once it has firmed up you can put 1/2 tbs of white chocolate Buff Bake on top of each frozen treat. Place back into the freezer until hard and enjoy!!

Click this link for a video demonstration:Video



As we all know, sometimes it can be tough to stay on track during prep! Here are some simple tips from ADO Fitness trainer and IFBB Pro bikini competitor Lauren!


Lauren tips:
Tips for staying on track during prep-

1. VOLUME! I am all about volume to help myself feel extra full! Zucchini in my oatmeal, extra veggies in more scramble, extra spinach in my salads…I’m all about using low macro foods to fill me up.
2. Drink water/tea/coffee!! Warm fluids can really help you feel full when you’re hungry! Drinking your water helps you hit your water goal which is important for overall weight loss and health, but can also help you determine if you’re really hungry or just thirsty.
3. I bring my meals with/have them prepped ahead! If I know I’ll be out of the house for a while I bring my food with or like coming home to a meal that I can eat right away or just hear up. You’re more likely to stay on track rather than eat the whole kitchen if you are prepared.
4. I implement “kitchen is closed hours” I like to tell myself “the kitchen is closed” at about 7pm or 730. It’s mental, but helps me stay on track. This is usually when I brush my teeth to give myself this kind of bedtime routine and continue to signal to my body “eating time is over”. This is a great time to enjoy a cup of relaxing tea or throw on some white strips (sounds silly, but once you have those white strips on your teeth you shouldn’t have anything to drink for a couple hours after!)
5. Chew gum (be careful!! Can have artificials that upset your stomach, shouldn’t be too close to show and if you’re eating a lot can have extra calories!) go on a walk, listen to a podcast, clean… Just keep yourself busy! Remember, nothing grows in the comfort zone!! ??

For some more great tips follow Lauren on YouTube!!!



This week the ADO Fitness trainers are addressing how their lives have been negatively impacted by fitness to spread some light on issues not everyone speaks about. Coach Trista shares her story.


Although fitness has served more good than bad in my life, there are downfalls to competing and taking your physique to that level. Before I ever started competing I was always fairly confident and comfortable with how I looked. I never really knit picked at my body, I was fit but had my fluctuations of course. My physique wasn’t a focal point of my attention like it is today. After competing that all changed- I self admittedly have a mild case of body dysmorphia which is common in the industry. It’s almost impossible to ever be accepting of your body again unless you are stage lean or somewhat close. You start looking at every area of fat on your body in disgust, with a lot of negative self talk. I think for most who have or do experience this, it is because you know what your best looks like. You know your potential and anything less is not acceptable and goes unappreciated, even though you might still have abs! I remember one time in Vegas with Amber we refused to go to the pool because we thought we were “fat” and didn’t want to be seen in a bathing suit. Looking back, we laugh and want to slap ourselves, it was two weeks post show probably up 5-6 lbs from stage and we were still looking bangin!! We had our blinders on, we couldn’t see that we looked amazing and could have totally rocked a suit and had a great time. But we missed out because of the mind f*ck. This also happens during a prep you lose sight that you are more fit than half the population, you criticize yourself and people look at you like you’re nuts. But we are always striving to be shredded as possible without ever appreciating where we are in our journey. I have told myself multiple times when entering a prep, “ok, appreciate yourself the whole time, not just the end” I am still working on it, but getting better. So if you are prepping or dieting in general try not to lose sight of progress you’ve made just because you aren’t at your best yet. We should give ourselves credit for hard work and discipline. Nobody is perfect and it all comes down to loving and accepting ourselves where our bodies are healthy, what we can sustain to have a balanced life. ??



This week we are talking about our lives before we got into health/fitness and how it affected us for the best.  ADO Fitness Trainer Joey shares her story.13012626_617475518410842_6909984874774231353_n

I will say I have been pretty consistent since I was 19 years old. However, I can’t even explain how much I have learned in that time. I also have had my times where I have “fell off” and had my partying days as well.
Health and Fitness has kept me so grounded and organized with everything in my life. I am far from perfect and wasn’t the girl who just worked out and ate healthy my whole life. I grew up a little rough which is why I chose to start working out. Many people do not know but I am my mothers legal guardian and have been since I was 21. My mother has a lot of mental health problems that I started dealing with when I was around 18 years old. I basically needed to start babysitting her and making sure she was safe. I did this while going to dental hygiene school and working full time. I REALLY needed some kind of stress relief. I will say this lifestyle has made my life become so much more positive and grounded. Working out has become my routine first thing when I wake up in the morning. It is my coffee and stress relief.

Now I didn’t start off with lifting weights. I remember thinking cardio was the only way to see results and honestly going on long runs helped me clear my mind a lot. I then was introduced to weight lifting and realized how much more results I was seeing and it still was a great stress relief. In fact even better than a long run. Then after years of lifting weights, prepping food and literally living and breathing this lifestyle I needed a challenge. That was when I decided to do my first show and I was hooked! I am so in love with this lifestyle, competing is like second nature for me.

For me health and fitness is not just about the outside attributes, but mainly the health aspects of it. It is a plus that it helps you look better, but the mindset and positive energy it gives is what counts the most.

I am a believer that god puts things in front of you to see how well you can handle them in life and I know that everything I have gone through has just made me stronger. I am extremely lucky to be a part of ADO Fitness and fortunate enough to be able to help people with the same things I practice on a daily basis.



Sweet Tooth Sunday ?

Easy snickerdoodle protein ice cream sandwich!


What you need:
•1 scoop Royal Sport Ltd. ice cream sandwich (20% off your Royal Sport Ltd. with coupon code ‘Amber’)
Buff Bake Snickerdoodle
•Halo Top birthday cake ice cream
•200 g cashews
•200 g pitted dates
•Splash of unsweetened coconut almond milk
• Shredded coconut


Directions: First line a cookie sheet with foil to freeze the ice cream sandwiches on. Then you are going to put the cashews in a bowl and soak them in water for 30 mins. After that blend your pitted dates in a food processor or blender until smooth and set aside in a mixing bowl. After the cashews are done soaking you’re going to blend them as well and add into the bowl. Then we are going to add a scoop of Royal sport ltd ice cream sandwich and mix all together. Add a splash of coconut almond milk for a better consistency. After this you are pour your shredded coconut on a plate and press the dough into cookie shapes on the shredded coconut and freeze for 20 mins. Once they are hardened you can spread some of your favorite Buff Bake on the cookie with a scoop of your favorite halo top ice cream, squish the other cookie on top of the ice cream and throw back in the freezer for 20 mins and enjoy!!



Royal Sport Ltd. Chocolate Mug Cake!

Super simple macro friendly way to curb your sweet tooth ???


What you need:
-Royal Sport Ltd. Chocolate Cupcake ultra clean whey ( 1 scoop ) 20% off your Royal Sport Ltd. with coupon code ‘Amber’ 
– Unsweetened cacao powder
-Baking powder
– Omega 3 Egg
– Water or almond milk

In a mug mix together all dry ingredients (Royal sport, coco powder, stevia, and baking powder) then you are going to add in all the wet ingredients (egg and water or almond milk) and stir together to make the batter. Then you are going to microwave on high for 90 seconds or until the edges of the cake pull away from the mug! Then top with your favorite Buff Bake and enjoy!! ?